Two people sitting on a conversion van with a solar kit installed

Van Solar Kit Installation Guide

This guide has everything you need for full DIY installation of your Tiny Watts Solar kit. You'll find all of our step-by-step van solar kit installation videos, which help you speed up your van's solar installation by turning a multi-week project into just a couple of days. We've also included a link to all the tools you need to make the install a breeze.

If you want to make it even easier with a professional install, just send us a message to let us know! Our team in Redmond, Oregon is available to help with installations or, if you can't make it here - we're happy to connect you with one of our Tiny Watts upfitters.

Van Solar Kit Installation Tools

To make van's solar kit installation even easier, we've linked to all the tools we use in the installation videos below. With these tools you'll have EXACTLY what you need to make the task as easy as possible. Check out the list, order your tools, and then get started with the step-by-step solar kit installation videos below. You'll be out on your first adventure in no time!

Tiny Watts Tool Kit

This is the tool kit with everything you need for phase 1 and phase 2 installation of the Tiny Watts 5.0 and Tiny Watts 10 solar power systems.

Tiny Watts Consumption Kit

This tool kit includes everyting you need for wiring both 12V and 120V systems.

Van Solar Kit Installation Videos

These installation videos walk you through every step of your Tiny Watts solar system install.

Waterproof Cable Gland Installation

A cable gland allows you to pass your wires through your van's roof while ensuring your van remains waterproof.

In this first installation video, we'll walk through the installation of your waterproof cable gland, which comes in your Phase 1 kit.

Standard Solar Installation (pt. 1)

Learn how to install the mounting L-feet and crossbars for a Tiny Watts Standard Solar Panel.

If you're using our walkable Solar Roof Deck or Solar Roof Box, the installation process is nearly identical as well.

Standard Solar Installation (pt. 2)

In this solar kit installation video, learn how how to use the "Poptart" method to get your solar panel on top of your van then wire your panel. We also cover our pro tips for wire management, positioning, and securing your solar panel to the mounting bars.

Shore Power

In this video, we'll go through the installation of a Shore Power plug, one of the components in your Tiny Watts Phase 1 installation kit.

We'll review our tips & tricks for a professional look and how to make sure there are no issues with your plug installation.

Phase 1 Wiring First Steps

A walk through of our recommended prep steps for installing your solar kit's Phase 1 wiring.

We'll cover disconnecting the power from under the steering wheel. Then, we'll show you how to access the ignition source in the terminal block under the driver's seat, and, finally, we'll drill the remaining holes necessary for your wiring.

Standard Alternator Install

In this video, you'll learn exactly how to connect to the battery and install the breaker, which will protect your Tiny Watts solar kit once energized.

Phase 1 Final Wiring

This video covers the final step in Phase 1 of your kit install. We'll go through protecting & feeding the wiring from the battery, through the side of the van, and back towards where your Tiny Watts solar kit will be installed.

Tiny Watts Installation FAQs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Tiny Watts solar kit Installation. Don't worry, if your specific question isn't answered below, you can contact us here.

What is a prewired plug and play kit?

We've engineered and built our systems to be a turn key drop in "plug in play" solution for the electrical aspect of your build. Our solar kits consist of everything you need to turn your system on and run all the comforts of your home. Instead of 3 weeks of electrical labor, its only 2-3 days of solar kit installation. This gives you more time to focus on the things that matter most in your van build.