Two Sprinter vans with solar kits for van upfitters installed

Solar Kits For Van Upfitters

Let us take care of the power system for your van builds

Looking for a faster, simpler way to setup the electrical system on your builds? You're in the right place. At Tiny Watts we know how time consuming the electrical setup can be for any van build. We also know how important it is to have a system that is safe for your customers and powers the things they need to have the off grid adventures they want. The power system for a van conversion is one of the most complicated and important components of a build, that's why we originally created our solar power kits - to simplify and speed up the power system process with the added benefit of solar.

At Tiny Watts, we specialize in the highest-quality, most reliable electrical systems for van builds and we want to bring this specialty to all of our partners. With our solar kits for van upfitters, you can focus on what you do best and turn around more van builds in less time without sacrificing the quality of your work. We are always looking for van builders who share our passion for great service and excellent customer experience, come be a part of the team!

When you work with us as a Tiny Watts Upfitter, we’ll size the right system for your clients, educate them on how to use it, and offer our remote technical support throughout the lifespan of their system. As an upfitter, you’ll handle the install of the prewired solar power system, which results in a much faster install of 1 to 3 days. Less time spent on the electrical setup = faster turnaround time and more business for you.

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"They have solar packages for vans that are out of this world. I had been told by other van outfitters that it couldn't be done. Well Tiny Watts has done it and not just for me. gives you the freedom to travel unencumbered..."
— Carla W.

Ways To Work with Us As A Tiny Watts Upfitter

As a Tiny Watts Upfitter, there are a few different ways to work with us. We have options to work with our upfitters via a client direct or a more traditional dealer model. Read on to learn more about how each model works. Have questions or want to talk in more detail about our solar kits for van upfitters? Send us a message.

Client Direct

When you work with Tiny Watts via a client direct partnership, your customers will purchase their solar power system directly through us and our team will handle the customer communication. We'll help your customers select the right system for their needs. We'll teach them how to use their systems and be their first point of contact for any electrical system questions. We'll also be their power system support contact for any customer service for the lifetime of the product. Through this client direct upfitter model, your customers will also have the opportunity to qualify for the 30% solar tax credit providing significant financial savings on the cost of the their system.

How It Works

  • Your client purchases their electrical power system directly through Tiny Watts
  • They'll receive an itemized receipt including any installation cost
  • Your client benefits from the opportunity to save 30% off the cost of their system including installation with the solar tax credit
  • The Tiny Watts team has an initial system sizing and consultation with your client to make sure they get the right system for their needs
  • You install the Tiny Watts power system with full support and installation guidance from the Tiny Watts team
  • You receive any predetermined installation fee and a percentage of the sale
  • Tiny Watts provides lifetime system support for your clients

Client Direct Upfitter Benefits

  • Custom Support: Tiny Watts handles direct customer support for the power system from initial consultation to any support required for the lifetime of the product.
  • Setup & Installation Time Savings: With a Tiny Watts solar power system, you'll save days or even weeks of time on each build's electrical setup.
  • Financial Incentives: With the time savings, you'll have the ability to take on more van builds and you'll save a portion of the purchase price of each system. Your customers are also eligible for solar tax savings on their solar kit installation.


When you work with us through a Tiny Watts dealer relationship, you'll remain in charge of all your client communication and purchase each solar powered system from Tiny Watts directly. This eliminates the need for your customers to communicate with (and pay) multiple people about their van build. At the same time, you'll avoid the hassle of having to build each electrical system from scratch, speeding up your build process and giving you the opportunity to grow your business faster.

How It Works

  • You purchase the Tiny Watts power system from us directly on behalf of your clients
  • You'll receive an itemized receipt for the cost of each solar powered system
  • We'll provide training on how the solar tax credit can be applied for savings off the system cost
  • We'll go through an initial consultation and system sizing together to make sure your client gets the power they need
  • You'll install the Tiny Watts system with full support and installation guidance from the Tiny Watts team
  • You'll receive special dealer pricing incentives for each sale
  • You'll serve as the first point of contact for any customer support during and after installation. Tiny Watts is available to assist with lifetime system support

Dealer Upfitter Benefits

  • Own Your Customer Relationships: As a Tiny Watts dealer upfitter, you'll own your customer relationships and handle all client communication as you see fit.
  • Setup & Installation Time Savings: With a Tiny Watts power system, you'll save days or even weeks of time on each van build's electrical system using our solar kits.
  • Financial Incentives: Enjoy tiered product pricing and volume discounts, plus gain an understanding of the ability to save with the solar tax credit.

Additional Tiny Watts Upfitter Benefits

No matter how you choose to work with us, as a Tiny Watts Upfitter, you'll enjoy all the benefits of working with Tiny Watts when you use our solar kits for your van builds.

Safety & Functionality

Every Tiny Watts system is designed by an electrical engineer & backed by ABYC certification to ensure each system provides the full functionality needed to power all your van builds, without the risk.

Customer Service & Support

Our team provides full installation training & support as well as any troubleshooting or support needed for the lifetime of each solar kit we provide to our van upfitter partners.

Time Savings

You'll save days or even weeks of time on every van build, shortening your lead times and giving you the opportunity to build more vans.


As a Tiny Watts Upfitter, you'll also have the benefit of a customized solar kit for your van builds. We can also incorporate your logo onto any of our solar kits for van upfitters.

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