Two people sitting on a conversion van with a solar kit installed

Off Grid Solar Resources

Tiny Watts Guide to All Things Solar

Here you'll find off grid solar resources to help you on your solar journey. You can sign up for our free 5-part intro to solar video series that gives you expert insight into all parts of your van's off grid power systems. When you're ready to purchase, learn how you can save thousands of dollars by applying for a solar tax discount and make sure you watch our professional installation videos to help you with the install of your Tiny Watts solar power system.


In this essential video series, we'll cover the most important concepts you need to understand when building and selecting your van's electrical system. We'll cover the system overview, batteries, measuring energy and understanding consumption, solar power, and safety. Signup for our newsletter below to get free access to this 5-part video series.


Putting solar on your van comes with benefits! Learn how you can save on the cost of your system by
applying the Solar Tax credit - a savings of up to 26% on your system! Get all the details here.

Tiny Watts Van Solar Kit Installation Guide

The full Tiny Watts installation series. Our step-by-step video instructions for installation of all your Phase 1 components. Plus, get our list of recommended tools to make installation of your solar kit even easier.

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