Aloha everyone!

I (Savana) grew up aboard a 36ft sailboat for the first 7 years of my life as my parents circumnavigated the globe.

Wes grew up in Santa Cruz immersed in sailing, surfing, skating, mountain biking, kitesurfing, anything to do with an extreme sport.

It goes without saying we both have an unwavering appreciation for our natural world and enjoy a lifestyle that’s immersed in it.

Which brings us here to share solar freedom with you. We've been powered up by a Tiny Watts system for the last four years & we believe in it so much we even trust our entire families lives upon it to power up all our electronics on our family cruising catamaran.

We want everyone to chase their dreams, live life on their own terms, be with their families and just have a good time! Let Tiny Watts power up your adventures!






These kits are INCREDIBLE! I had my hands full just doing the conversion, and NO interest in learning about the electrical. The Tiny Watts kit I bought was most def a plug-and-play experience….literally. Awesome folks to work with.

Can a solar install be a work of art!? Cuz thats what this whole thing looks like. You guys absolutely knocked it out of the park! So clean!

Working with Tiny Watts Solar was awesome. We wanted to work with someone who had solar industry experience and found it with Tiny Watts. The coordination of each phase of our project was smooth and we are pleased to have the level of power and renewable energy that we need at a reasonable price. Best Lithium+solar set up on the market. Couldn't be happier! 


Did you know you are eligible for a 26% tax credit with you purchase solar?