You're van's electrical setup isn't easy. Add in solar, alternator charging, 12V, 24V, 48V systems and now there's more to understand. That's where we come in. At Tiny Watts, we've created complete off grid solar kits that are plug-n-play. Each kit is fully prewired and comes with all the components you need to power up your van adventures in no time. We've even created easy step-by-step video instructions to help with your install. You'll save all the time and hassle of researching, learning, and troubleshooting so you can get on the road faster with a system that's safe, reliable, and keeps you powered no matter where your van travels take you. Our goal is to take what could have easily been a three month project and turn it into a weekend project.

Choose Your Solar Power System

Tiny Watts solar power systems are the heart and brains of your off grid solar kit. These preconfigured, plug-n-play systems are perfect for powering all your off grid adventures, whether it's an extended weekend or full time living off grid.

All of our off grid solar kits come with everything you need to get your power system in place, plus full step by step installation videos to get you on the road in no time. Get an easy to use, easy to install solar power kit for your van today. We also offer professional installations at our install center in Redmond, Oregon.

Tiny Watts 5.0

Plenty of power for 90% of all van builds, this kit can easily support a weekend adventure rig or full-time travel and is our most popular option.

More Info

Tiny Watts 10

Designed for next level power needs: Multiple 180W appliances at once, air conditioning, full-time living. This kit is our largest offering to support high power needs.


Tiny Watts 3 in 1

The ultimate 3 in 1 system includes professionally pre-wired power system, pre-plumbed water system, and bed platform. Two of your builds most complicated systems done for you.



In this video we talk about what the 3 in 1 package is, what it includes, how it works and much more!

Pick Your Solar Panel

Harness the power of the sun with one of our premium solar panel options. We use the most efficient panels on the market, built to withstand mother nature and life on the road as well as deliver exceptional power to your van's solar power system. We've purposefully designed all of our solar kits for van builds to maximize your solar generation capacity, which start at a 400W minimum. Solar is critical to extend your time off grid. The more solar on the roof, the longer you can stay in those beautiful places with no one else around.

Whether you're spending the weekend in the desert and need your A/C running for hours, or you're going off grid for two weeks and want to keep the lights on and your food refrigerated without running your van - we have you covered. And, although our solar panels have been purpose built for vans, you can easily use them in other applications - boats, tiny homes, and more! Whether it be a high efficiency glass panel, our walkable solar deck or solar roof storage box, we have a variety of solar panel options to fit your needs. Shop all our solar panel options.

Looking for something custom built for your off grid solar project? Let's connect!

Contact us today to talk about a custom off grid solar power system.

Tiny Watts Off Grid Solar Kit - Solar Panel Component


A story about how Tiny Watts transformed this couple's life

Tiny Watts Benefits


Each Tiny Watts solar kit is pre-wired, programmed, and tested simplifying your install so you can feel good about going farther off the beaten path.


All of our off grid solar kits are backed by an electrical engineering degree and years of eperience with off-grid systems. Our technicians are ABYC Marine Electrical Certified to ensure the safety and reliability of your system.

Full Warranty

All Tiny Watts systems are covered by our outstanding 5-year warranty. Our solar panels are covered by an industry standard 25 year warranty. If anything goes wrong, we're here to help. No questions asked!

Customer Support

No matter where you are, you're just a phone call or email away from a Tiny Watts expert. We can even connect remotely when you're connected to WiFi to resolve any issue faster.

Free Shipping

Shipping for all our products is always free. Get your products delivered anywhere in the continental US without worrying about the additional expense of shipping oversized items.

Easy To Install

Save time on your install with our step by step videos and take your van's electrical setup from a never ending project to a weekend install.

Made In USA

All Tiny Watts off grid solar kits are designed and built in the USA. When you order a Tiny Watts solar kit, it'll come to you from our shop in Redmond, Oregon.

Highest Quality

All of our off grid solar kits are designed and built with the highest quality components to keep you reliably powered up no matter how rugged the adventure.

"Tiny Watts is a first class compnay. They take pride in every little detail, I would highly recommend them for your build!"

"They have solar packages for vans that are out of this world. I had been told by other van outfitters that it couldnt be done. Well Tiny Watts has done it and not just for me. gives you the freedom to travel unencumbered for looking for lodging."

"You guys continue to be amazing! My Tiny Watts system is still working beautifully, 1.5 years later. THANKS!"

"Can a solar install be a work of art!? Cuz thats what this whole thing looks like. You guys absolutely knocked it out of the park! So clean! "

Why Solar?

Person Standing on One of Tiny Watts Off Grid Solar Kits

100% Clean Energy:
Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels and lower your carbon footprint.

Energy Independance:
Enjoy complete freedom without having to rely on a plug in a campground and stay off-grid longer.

Renewable Energy:
Capture free, virtually unlimited power from the sun.

No need to plug in, start your van, or rely on loud gas generators to charge your battery.

Pays For Itself:
Over time, your Tiny Watts off grid solar kit will pay for itself and you'll never have to worry about your electricity rates going up.

Long Lifespan:
You're buying over 10 years of electricity up front. Your Tiny Watts system will pay for itself with off grid solar freedom and adventures to remember for a lifetime.