Tiny Watts 3 in 1: Power System + Water System + Bed Platform

  • This is the whole enchilada people! The Tiny Watts 3 in 1 kit is a plug-and-play power system on one side of your van and a pre-plumbed water system in matching enclosure on the other side, which together form the base for a bed platform. Two of the most complicated systems for your van build (electrical & plumbing) built by professionals drop-in and ready to go. Once it's installed you're ready to go use your van! Figure out the cabinets & galley later!

    Plug a fridge directly into the power system 12V socket to have refrigeration, plug a portable induction cooktop into the power system for cooking, charge your devices with a USB socket on your power system, take a shower to get clean with your water system's built-in outdoor shower extension, and have a place to sleep. A skilled DIYer can get both these systems installed in one week so you can get out there and use your van faster!

  • Upgrade Your Tiny Watts 3 in 1 Kit

    Van Life Tech Hydronic Heating Package: / Price: $8,450-$13,450

    Upgrade your TWS 3 in 1 package to a 4 in 1 with Van Life Tech's Hydronic heating package. Enjoy the benefits of radiant heated floor, hot air and on-demand hot water. We include their system pre-plumbed into your Tiny Watts enclosure so the installation is drastically simplified. Choose between the Roman Holiday (Heated Floor, Air, Water) package ($13,450) or the Siesta (Heated Air, Water) package $8,450. Enhance your van life experience and stay comfortable in any season.

    Add A Secondary Alternator (3000W) / Price: $3,500

    For faster charging, you have the option to add a 24V secondary alternator to your power center, which allows you to recharge your battery bank within 2.5-3 hours of driving from empty!

    Murphy Bed Option / Price: $1350

    With this option you'll have the ability to fold the bed up when you want, creating more space in your van and the added bonus of additional counter space.

    Tiny Watts Mattress / Price: $1,150

    Add a queen-size RoamRest mattress to truly complete your bed platform and sleep in comfort. It's a 5" thick ultra-comfortable mattress - designed and manufactured in the USA.

    Water Heater / Price: $1,000

    A hot shower while you are off-grid - no problem! With the water heater upgrade, you can take your water system to the next level for ultimate comfort.

    All upgrade options can be added to your order during your order confirmation call with a Tiny Watts team member after you've submitted your deposit and before your order is finalized. (See our process information below.)


    Below are the dimensions for each side of the Tiny Watts 3 in 1 Kit. You'll have these dimensions installed on both sides of the van - one housing your van's power center and the other housing the water system. Check out all the dimensions for the full setup in the image gallery. 

    Mercedes Sprinter: 60” L x 16” W x 33.5” H

    Ford Transit: 60" L x 14.5" W x 33.5" H

    Dodge Promaster Standard: 60" L x 16" W x 37.5" H

Power System

The power system for your Tiny Watts 3 in 1 can be either the Tiny Watts 5.0 or the Tiny Watts 10 depending on your power needs. For a deeper dive on power system specs be sure to check out the dedicated product pages for the Tiny Watts 5.0 and Tiny Watts 10

Water System

The pre-plumbed water system enables you to drink filtered water directly from your tap, use the built-in outdoor shower with quick connect shower head, and quickly fill your water tank back up with any hose connection. The outdoor shower quick connect is also great for rinsing off any gear before you put it in your van or up in your storage box.

Add on the water heater upgrade and you'll even have the option for a hot shower - wherever you are!

Bed Platform

This platform bed kit comes in two different heights: our standard option and a low profile option depending on your needs. The standard option for the platform bed kit is the universal height of 37.5” which is tall enough to fit any sized mountain bike on a fork mount under the bed in the garage space of your build. If you happen to already have a bed kit in your van, our low profile option will install underneath it.

This kit comes in our standard length at 60” to fit in both the Sprinter 144 and 170 measuring 60” from the back doors for sideways sleeping with flares. The same goes for the Ford Transit and Promaster Vans. If you want to sleep front to back in your van we can build the kit at 80” long. This is more common in the 170 Sprinter, 170 Extended or the Ford Transit 148 Extended.

With the Tiny Watt 3 in 1 kit, a skilled DIYer can get both these systems installed in one week. Submit your deposit today to get on our build schedule and get out on the road to use your van faster!

Tiny Watts 3 in 1 Kit Inclusions

The Tiny Watts 3 in 1 kit simplifies your van build with a professionally pre-wired power center, pre-plumbed water system, and a bed platform all ready to install.

  • Tiny Watts 5.0 or Tiny Watts 10 power system on driver's side or passenger's side depending on your layout. (Find full power system inclusions listed on corresponding product page.)
  • Powder coated enclosure available in two different heights 37.5” or 33.5”
  • Pre-plumbed water system on opposite side of your power system
  • Bed platform
  • 30 gallon fresh water tank by NW Conversions
    • Plenty of water for showering and multiple days off grid!
  • 12V water pump pre-wired to be powered by your Tiny Watts power system
  • Pressure accumulator to limit the water pump cycle and provide quiet operation
  • Stainless steel tank level sensor pre-programmed to connect with the Victron touch display that also monitors your power system
    • Easily monitor your water level with a quick glance at your touchscreen
    • Comes pre-calibrated for your 30 gallon water tank
  • Guzzle H20 Stealth 12V UV water filter for dedicated drinking water tap
    • Feel safe drinking your water anywhere you go and know it'll taste great too!
  • Outdoor shower with quick connect shower head
    • Ready to use outdoor shower that doesn’t take up space in the van
    • Doubles as a great way to rinse off mountain bikes, surfboards, and other gear before storing
  • City water fill with check valve
    • Super easy to refill your water with built in spill over hose
    • Use any hose connection to fill up without having to wrestle with heavy water jugs

Please note solar panels are not included. They must be ordered separately. View our solar panels to select the option that works best for you.

Optional Upgrade Inclusions

Van Life Tech Hydronic Heating Package - Price: +$8,450-$13,450

Upgrade your TWS 3 in 1 package to a 4 in 1 with Van Life Tech's Hydronic heating package. Enjoy the benefits of radiant heated floor, hot air and on-demand hot water. The best part? We include their system at the same DIY price except you get it pre-plumbed into your Tiny Watts enclosure so the installation is drastically simplified. Choose between the Roman Holiday (Heated Floor, Air, Water) package ($12,450) or the Siesta (Heated Air, Water) package $7,450. Enhance your van life experience and stay comfortable in any season.

Cruise N Comfort ICEBOX Air Conditioner - Price: +$7,500

Elevate your TWS 4 in 1 to a 5 in 1 by incorporating Van Life Tech's Hydronic heating package AND the efficient Cruise N Comfort air conditioner. Keep your beloved pets cool all summer long with a built in 24V 11.5K BTU air conditioner. Best of all, we do this at the same price as if you were to buy it DIY. Upgrade your van life experience today and enjoy ultimate comfort on the road for an additional $7,500.

Add a Second Alternator - Price: +$3,500

With the alternator upgrade, you'll get everything in the standard Tiny Watts power system you select PLUS a dedicated 24V secondary alternator for up to 150A 3000W of charging while driving and ~1800W at idle.

Add a Water Heater - Price: +$1,000

Add a stainless steel Isotherm water heater to your system for added comfort in your outdoor shower & hot water for cleaning or cooking. It comes with a 750W heating element, is ultra insulated, and is pre-wired on a 30 minute timer so you can't forget to turn it off.

Add a Hinge to Create a Murphy Bed - Price: +$1,350

Create a murphy bed for additional space in your build when you add a hinge. This option allows you to lift the bed platform out of the way when not in use and secure to ceiling attachment points. When lifted you'll also have the added counter space of the enclosure on the opposite side.

Add a Mattress - Price: +$1,150

Complete your bed set up by adding an ultra comfortable, Queen size RoamRest mattress. It's 5" thick and made with eco-friendly CertiPUR-US foam, designed and manufactured in the USA.

Tiny Watts Order Process

Once you place your order and make your deposit payment, we'll be in touch to schedule a time to discuss your project and make sure you've got the right power system for your setup. You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions you have and update your selections if you need to before we finalize your order. Don't worry, if for some reason you need to cancel your order, your deposit payment is fully refundable.
Step One

Place your order and make your deposit payment on our website.

Step Two

Talk with a Tiny Watts team member to finalize your order. With your order finalized, you'll submit 40% of your total cost to initiate your build.

Step Three

You'll receive your Phase 1 kit and we'll get your build underway. Once your kit is ready to ship, we'll send an invoice for the remaining 50% and send your kit out to you when payment has been made.

Step Four

Install your kit and enjoy solar freedom on all your adventures with your Tiny Watts 3 in 1!

Why Tiny Watts 3 In 1 Kit?

Two of the most difficult systems in your van done for you - plus a bed platform for 3 in 1.


    The Tiny Watts 3 in 1 Kit comes with our 5 year product guarantee. If anything needs to be replaced, we'll take care of it no questions asked.


    The Tiny Watts 3 in 1 was purpose built to save you the time and the headache of working through all the details of two of your van build's most complicated systems. You'll get both systems professionally built, ready to drop into your van - plug and play.


    Question during install or need assistance with either system? Beyond our full installation guide, we're here to help you with remote support and system troubleshooting when you need it.


    We've personally tested and selected only the highest quality components for the Tiny Watts 3 in 1 Kit. From the electical components to the convenient city water fill with check valve, you can rest assured you're getting only the best.

Tiny Watts 3 in 1 Kit FAQs

How long until I receive my Tiny Watts 3 in 1 Kit?

Our current lead time is 8-10 weeks from when your order is placed. Once you place your order and submit your deposit payment, we'll follow up with you to review your order, add any upgrades you want, and make sure you have the kit that's right for you. After this call, your order will be finalized and you'll submit another 40% payment to initiate your build. From this point, you can expect to receive your Phase 1 Kit (solar kit) 2-3 weeks after your order is placed. While you install your Phase 1 kit, your power center will be in the process of being built. You'll receive your full kit (phase 1 + power center) within 6-8 weeks after your order is placed.

How much does shipping cost?

What power center do you recommend with the Tiny Watts 3 in 1 kit?

Is my deposit payment refundable?

If you have a question that isn't answered here or you are looking for help selecting a kit that's right for you, contact us to let us know about your project. We're happy to answer any questions you may have and point you to the solar kit that best fits your needs. You can also check out our resources page for additional information and general FAQs. If you are looking for installation information, check out the Tiny Watts installation guide.