[BACK IN STOCK] 500W SOLAR ROOF DECK Our Walkable Solar Panel

  • How many roof racks do you see that are just for looks? We created the Tiny Watts 500W solar roof deck to bring additional function to the mix. You'll have the lowest profile solar panel as it installs 1” off the factory roof.  You'll also have 500W of solar that is always up there hard at work to keep up with daily loads such as fridge, lights, vent, Starlink, etc. Then you’ll only need to use your batteries overnight. With this solar generation capability, you can stay off-grid longer! In addition to the increased solar generation capacity our 500W solar panels are built strong enough that you can walk on them! That’s right, enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset from our 500W walkable solar panels.
  • Depending on your van's setup you can pair this with our solar roof box or double up with a second solar roof deck for 1000W of solar generation!

    Shipping/Delivery Info: Shipping for this walkable Solar Roof Deck is free. When items are in stock, you'll receive your Solar Roof Deck within 2-3 weeks after your order is placed.

  • The Tiny Watts 500W solar roof deck includes everything you need to get your panel installed and ready to use. When you order your roof deck you'll receive:
    • One 500W Walkable Solar Panel
    • Solar Mounting Rails & Hardware To Attach To The Factory Roof Tracks
    • Tamper Proof Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts To Mount The Solar Panel
    • Cable Gland For The Wire Pass Through
    • 25ft (+) Solar Wire
    • 25ft (-) Solar Wire with MC4 Connectors
    • Marine Sealant
    We've also created a full installation guide with step-by-step instructions to make it even easier to install your roof deck and take advantage of all the solar generation capabilities AND the additional viewing space on your walkable solar panel.

    Our walkable solar roof deck can be installed on all three van platforms: Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit & Dodge Promaster. It can attach to the factory tracks on a Sprinter.

    500W ROOF DECK DIMENSIONS: 82" L X 54.5" W X 1" H
    1000W ROOF DECK DIMENSIONS: 164" L X 54.5" W X 1" H
    *1000W can only be installed on a Sprinter 170 OR 170 EXT

Tiny Watts Order Process

Once you place your order and make your deposit payment, we'll be in touch to schedule a time to discuss your project and make sure you've got the right power system for your setup. You'll have the opportunity to ask any questions you have and update your selections if you need to before we finalize your order. Don't worry, if for some reason you need to cancel your order, your deposit payment is fully refundable.
Step One

Place your order and make your deposit payment on our website

Step Two

Talk with a Tiny Watts team member to finalize your order. With your order finalized, you'll submit 40% of your total cost to initiate your build.

Step Three

You'll receive your Phase 1 kit and we'll get your build underway. Once your kit is ready to ship, we'll send an invoice for the remaining 50% and send your kit out to you when payment has been made.

Step Four

Install your roof deck kit and enjoy solar freedom on all your adventures with your Tiny Watts walkable solar panel!


Invest in a walkable solar panel you can actually use.

500W Walkable Solar Panel - Tiny Watts Roof Deck Solar Panel

    500W of solar to keep your van's battery bank full.

    Specialized solar cells with increased mechanical integrity and electrical performance.


    The only 500W solar panel you can walk on.

    Perfect vantage point for viewing wildlife or a beautiful sunset.


    Installs 1" off the factory roof for a clean, integrated stealth look. Lightweight construction makes it easy to install.


    As with all Tiny Watts products, our walkable solar panel comes with our 5 year product guarantee.

    Built and tested for a 25 year lifespan, so you can enjoy solar freedom for years to come!


The technical specifications of the Tiny Watts van roof deck system.

500W Walkable Solar Panel - Tiny Watts Roof Deck Solar Panel

    82" L X 54.5" W X 1" H

    30 Square feet of rooftop space


    Composite platform: ~50 lbs

    Can support up to 500 lbs


    Military grade monocrystalline solar cells

    Merlin mesh cell technology for stronger mechanical integrity and increased efficiency


    Doubles up on a Sprinter 170 WB for up to 1000W of solar power and full roof top deck

The Solor Roof Deck

Learn More About Our Walkable Solar Panel

If you have a question about our walkable solar panel roof deck or you are looking for help selecting the solar kit that's right for you, contact us to let us know how we can help. We're happy to answer any questions you may have and point you to the solar kit that best fits your energy needs. You can also check out our resources page for additional information and general FAQs about our solar products. If you are looking for Tiny Watts installation information, check out our full installation guide here.