Assembly Technician & Installer

Tiny Watts Power Solutions is a small, fast-growing company that is revolutionizing mobile living by providing state-of-the-art solar, battery, and water systems for adventure vehicles, adventure boats, and tiny homes. Any experience with the following is preferred, however, training will be provided for each procedure following the Tiny Watts process.

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What you'll be doing:

  • Mechanical assembly of all Tiny Watts Systems following work procedures for mounting and fastening components with metal enclosures, bed rails, and cover panels.
  • Electrical assembly of all Tiny Watts Systems following work procedures for power cabling & wiring, communication cabling, electronics, and control systems in our product portfolio.
  • Plumbing assembly of all Tiny Watt Systems following work procedures for the mounting of plumbing components, preparing plumbing fittings, using PEX plumbing tools and fittings, push-connect fittings, and other plumbing parts.
  • Quality verifications for assembly adjustments, damaged parts, leak testing, and shipping/receiving damages with corrective actions to commission high-quality systems before shipment. 
  • Assembly of sub-assemblies such as breaker panels, electrical components, etc, and final assemblies using various fastening devices and connecting methods.
  • Detail any changes or suggestions for improvement and submit them to Design Engineers. 
  • Installation of Tiny Watts systems in various projects mainly van conversions, RVs, and travel trailers. Involving drilling holes in sheet metal, installing rivnuts and fasteners, running cabling & wiring following Tiny Watts guidelines to ensure safe & secure connection.
  • Assist in facilitating shipping/receiving needs by handling components from suppliers and shipping finished products. Preparing pallets and crates as needed using skill saw and other related power tools to construct wooden crates for shipping. Prepare individual shipments, preparing paperwork such as Bill of Ladings (BOL’s) and small parcel shipping labels for clients, and updating admin staff following the Tiny Watts shipping processes.


What we need to see:

  • Ability to lift 50 lb or more when required to move heavy items such as solar panels, batteries, power systems, water systems, etc. Following safe lifting techniques and asking for help when items are of excessive weight. 
  • Interpersonal skills to work as a team, suggest ways to improve and have fun while creating high-quality installations.
  • Writing skills to adapt and improve procedures as needed.
  • Pride and work quality, shop organization, and cleanliness.
  • Comfort with using a wide variety of hand and power tools. 


Ways to stand out from the crowd:

  • Familiarity with common passenger vans, DC-based electrical systems, and PEX plumbing.
  • A passion for off-grid solar, great work ethic, and positive attitude.
  • ABYC Marine electrical certification or desire to pursue.
  • Hazmat shipping Certification or desire to pursue.


Schedule & Compensation:

This is a full-time hourly position following a 4/10 schedule with three day weekends. Four work days per week with 10 working hours per day.


Compensation is $20-$25/hr based on experience. We are a small company with room to grow and the same applies to his position. We are looking for someone willing to start with an entry-level position and learn their role in the company as a whole from the ground up. For those that show initiative, there is opportunity for advancement as the company grows. 

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