Two people sitting on a conversion van with a solar kit installed

Intro To Your Van's Solar Setup

In this five part video series, we'll walk you through the essential concepts you'll want to understand as you work on your van's electrical system. If you have any questions about your van's solar setup, you can always contact us here.

Solar, Shore Power, & Alternator

Get a quick technical overview of the three main components of your van's electrical system: inverter, solar charge controler, and alternator charger. We also share some additional tips you can use to make your system more reliable.

Lead-Acid vs Lithium Batteries

Compare weight and cycle life of the two most common types of batteries and why you should probably just stick with a Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery.

We'll also help you compare amp hours and watt hours for different battery systems so that you can better understand how to talk about energy storage.

Calculating Solar Power Consumption

Learn how to calculate your power consumption using a simple formula:

Volts x Amps = Watts

We share some practical examples (air conditioning, water heater, cooktops, refrigerators) that'll give you the basics you need to calculate your van's power consumption.

Why Solar Is Crucial

Understand how solar power can complement your van's electrical system and why it's crucial to include in your build. We'll cover how solar powers your off grid adventures and can keep you charged indefinitely.

Wiring Best Practices

Avoid dangerous wiring mistakes by following our wiring best practices. From choosing high-quality marine wire to protecting your wiring with flex loom, this video covers our wiring best practices to help you keep your system safe.

Have questions or need assistance with your electrical system? Contact us to book your free 30-minute call with a Tiny Watts expert.